FoxVox Pro is available for $4.90 for Windows.

Note, you will need to download Cepstral voices to get high quality speech and they cost extra, but can be used in demo mode free while you test them. The voices you know from the free version CANNOT be included (details why below). That's why you need the. Your Pro version password is in the instructions file you download with the extension. Drag and drop into Firefox to install.

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Download Cepstral voices

Improved text-to-speech Features for Firefox:

  • Adjust speed and volume

    FoxVox Pro's custom toolbar allows you to set the words per minute spoken and the volume.
  • High Quality Voice Support

    You will need to download Cepstral voices to get high quality speech. The voices you know from the free version are NOT included in FoxVox Pro. Unfortunately, those voices cannot be included due to a licensing restriction by the MBROLA project that makes the voices included in the free version of FoxVox.

    Install the excellent voices by Cepstral which work on Windows. The Cepstral voices work free in demo mode without limitations, but they will nag you to purchase them. Cepstral voices are currently priced $35-$45 to register.

    Please note that the mbrola voices included in the free version of FoxVox are unfortunately NOT included due to licensing restrictions by the Mbrola project. Instead the free espeak voices are included, but these are of lower quality. Therefore, it is recommended to install the high-quality commercial Cepstral voices. Demo use is unlimited and you can install as many as you like, but be aware that they will nag you to register.

    Download Cepstral voices

  • Autospeak function for news sites and blogs

    FoxVox Pro can automatically filter out only the main text and begin speaking on sites where autospeak is supported. Currently the following sites are supported by autospeak: BBC News, Boing Boing Blog, Project Gutenberg free ebooks.

FoxVox Pro installation notes
The extension, together with installation instructions, are in the archive you will download after purchase. The password is included in the installation instructions.
To install the extension simply drag and drop the .xpi file into Firefox.

Download Cepstral voices

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You can donate to the FoxVox project via the Paypal button below. Every little bit helps with the costs. Thanks.

What is FoxVox?
FoxVox is free and Open Source software which adds text to speech capabilities to the Firefox web browser. The commercial Pro version offers additional features such as support for the high-quality text-to-speech voices made by Cepstral.